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Our office is located at the corner of Imperial Highway and La Palma Ave. in the Anaheim Hills Village Center.  Read more >>

Welcome to Yang Optometric Center

Welcome to the Yang Optometric Center.  We look forward to helping you with your eye care needs. 

Our facility (established in August 2011) is designed to take advantage of the latest technology and advances in eye care.  We offer comprehensive eye care for all ages (including infants) and for the disabled.  Our facility is ADA rated with wheelchair accessible equipment.

The focus of our office is to examine, diagnose, educate, treat, and prevent the myriad conditions, diseases, and degenerations that occur.  Through the use of advanced digital imaging, patients can see their eyes in real time and witness the process and rationale behind recommended treatment strategies.  Advanced instrumentation also enables the doctor to better evaluate and measure the visual system.  As an example, the i.Profilerplus® offers a variety of diagnostic capabilities that are invaluable tools in a variety of clinical applications: evaluating the complete refractive status of the eye, including low- and high-order wavefront aberrations; fitting standard and specialty soft and gas permeable contact lenses; monitoring ocular disease processes; and managing or co-managing refractive and surgical interventions. Ocular wavefront data captured by the i.Profilerplus® is also used to calculate an i.Scription®, a wavefront-guided spectacle correction that offers enhanced visual performance over a range of viewing conditions.  For some, i.Scription® can mean an entirely new quality of vision — especially at night, when the risk of having a traffic accident is at its highest, due to reflections, mirror images, limited vision, and low contrasts which can irritate and fatigue the eyes and the human sensory system overall. Eyeglass lenses with i.Scription® technology can improve night vision — making night driving more comfortable and safe for you.

In most offices, opticians manually measure the distance between the eyes and position of the pupils by marking the lenses with a felt-tipped pen and using a ruler.  Our opticians can measure more precisely — to a precision of 1/10th of a millimeter.  The i.Terminal®2  by ZEISS provides all of the data necessary to objectively create lenses for your unique features in about 60 seconds.  Proper centration (the adjustment of the eyeglass lenses to the frame) is as important as an accurate prescription for optimal vision.  Many things are taken into account, such as the distance between the eyes and pupils, the proportions of the face, the tilt and wrap of the frames, and even posture, to accurately position the lenses.  Without these measurements, up to 40% of valuable visual acuity can be lost.  This is especially important for progressive lenses, where all three vision zones (distance, intermediate, and near) have to be optimally adjusted so you can comfortably see through all three zones.  A difference of a millimeter can be crucial to the quality of your vision.  Thus, lenses that are precisely personalized for your face, frame, and prescription will provide you with better fitting lenses, optimum vision and reduced eye strain. 

We also offer ChromaGen™ lenses, a life changing aid for patients with visual reading disorders associated with Dyslexia, as well as an optical corrective solution for color deficiency commonly known as Color Blindness. ChromaGen™ has FDA clearance and is patented.  For dyslexia, ChromaGen™ lenses are employed to synchronize both eyes so they work together as a team.  When the proper ChromaGen lens is prescribed, the light is slowed down to the “right” speed for each eye, balancing the information presented to the brain.  For color blindness, ChromaGen™ is a patented and FDA-Cleared system of lenses designed to enhance color perception by using selective wavelengths of light to stimulate defective cone cells which enables the patient to more accurately interpret and perceive color.

Our mission is to provide you with immediate service, long-term health strategies, and innovative products and treatments that provide significant value and performance. 

From custom designed glasses and contact lenses to surgical options like LASIK and cataract surgery, the doctor and staff are committed to providing you with the best care possible. "Our Focus is Improving Yours."

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